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Affidavit of Service

Get a fully prepared & ready-to-sign affidavit of personal service backed up by our Court Acceptance Guarantee. The affidavit of personal service proves to the court that your spouse has been personally served with the filed notice of family claim. This product is ideal if you are arranging for a friend or relative to serve the notice of family claim on your spouse.

Substituted Service

If you cannot locate your spouse for personal service, or if efforts to personally serve your spouse have not been successful, you can make an application in Supreme Court to serve your spouse using an alternate method of service. Common alternative methods are service by email or mail on your spouse or someone that may be in contact with your spouse. Other methods include placing a legal notice in a newspaper or at the court. To obtain an order for substituted service, you must prove that you made reasonable efforts to find or serve your spouse. If you get an order for substituted service, your spouse must be served exactly as ordered and the server must provide an affidavit of service for you to file in court.
Answer easy questions and we'll automatically prepare the substituted service application. Our fee does not include the court fee of $80 or the cost to swear the affidavit or the cost of effecting substitutional service such as legal notice etc. There is no guarantee that the application will be granted, however in most cases the court will either grant the application or respond with a request for further information.
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    Process Service

    Includes personal service of your spouse with a copy of the filed Notice of Family Claim and a sworn affidavit of personal service. In most cases we charge a flat rate for up to three attempts at one address. Note: the address for service must be provided by you - does not include our attempting to find your spouse. If you do not see your spouses city, please contact us for a quote.