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Affidavit of Service

Get a fully prepared & ready-to-sign affidavit of personal service backed up by our Court Acceptance Guarantee. The affidavit of personal service proves to the court that your spouse has been personally served with the filed notice of family claim. This product is ideal if you are arranging for a friend or relative to serve the notice of family claim on your spouse.

Basic Separation Agreement

Get a fully prepared & ready-to-sign basic B.C. separation agreement with easy signing instructions backed up by our Court Acceptance Guarantee for just $49.00. If you have no minor children and have already divided your assets, our Basic B.C. Separation Agreement will set these facts out in writing so that one spouse cannot claim otherwise in the future.

Certificate of Divorce

A certificate of divorce is the only document issued by the court that is widely regarded as proof of divorce. You may require proof of divorce for a name change, getting married again or to obtain some types of credit. Please note: The court charges a fee of $40.00 for each certificate of divorce issued. This court fee is NOT included in our price. This product has a service term of 180 days.
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Child Support Agreement

Get a fully prepared & ready-to-sign B.C. child support agreement with easy signing instructions backed up by our Court Acceptance Guarantee for just $49.00. If you are making an application of divorce and you have minor children, our B.C. Child Support Agreement will set these facts out in writing.

Copy of Divorce Order

The divorce order is issued by the court when the divorce is granted. It is issued as a copy because the original remains with the court. For most purposes the copy is sufficient but for legal purposes you may need to get a certified copy. The divorce order lists the names of the parties, place and date of marriage and the order(s) that was made. It also states when the divorce was granted and when it will take effect.
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Legal Consultation

Get legal advice by phone from a British Columbia lawyer regarding your divorce for a one-time flat fee. There are no hourly fees or hidden charges. Our Legal Consultation service gives you an affordable, convenient way to obtain answers to your legal questions. Consultations are provided according to the total time, including the time it takes to review your material, research and answer your question. Please see our Terms of Service for details.

Marriage Certificate

We can get your marriage certificate for you. All you need to do is sign and return our Agent Letter, which authorizes us to get it on your behalf. The Agent Letter will be available for download immediately after payment. The marriage certificate will be delivered in approximately 3 weeks (depending upon place of marriage). This product has a service term of 90 days.

Notice of Withdrawal

A Notice of Withdrawal may be used to withdraw from a B.C. family law case in which divorce was claimed. Includes withdrawing a notice of family claim, response to family claim, counterclaim or response to counterclaim either in whole or in part. The person that signed the document that is being withdrawn must sign the Notice of Withdrawal.
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